Highway One

“Ladies, gentlemen, gods and mortals, the captain has turned on the fasten seat belt sign. If you haven’t already done so, cabin crew will be sacrificing a passenger shortly to ensure a fair wind. If you are travelling with a companion who you would like to offer to the Gods, please inform a member of the cabin crew”.  

Mari is trying to make sense of her life when a centaur, Medea, and a dead Italian film-maker turn up and take her on a trip to Delphi, a journey to the Oracle. In this touching and absurdly funny tale, the pilgrims encounter the usual – and not so usual – tribulations of travel in their search for meaning; the ancient and the modern, the sacred and the mundane, the real and the fictional.  

“…for mythical people are realistic and realistic people are mythical…”  

In collaboration with Welsh musician Katell Keineg, Highway One features live performances from Katell, incorporating songs from her forthcoming album.  

Highway One is coproduced by Wales Millennium Centre and August 012 and is directed by Mathilde López whose recent productions include Of Mice and Men and Yuri. 

Running Time: Approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes

**Please note that performances on the 5 + 6 are 'first chance to see' preview shows. Tickets priced between £11.25 - £15.00 

Audio Description performance Saturday 9 + Sunday 10 June. Audio description is by Alistair Sil and Touch Tours will be available before each performance






Conceptors: Katell Keineg & Mathilde López  

Writers: Katell Keineg & Paol Keineg  

Director: Mathilde López  

Assistant Director: Jac Ifan Moore

Composer: Katell Keineg  

Dramaturg: Tim Price & Mathilde López  

Design: Camilla Clarke  

Costume Design: Jiyoon Jung  

Puppetry Design: Olivia Racionzer  

Movement Consultant: Matteo Marfoglia  

AV Design: Jorge Lizalde  

Sound Design: Dominic Bilkey  

Lighting Design: Ace McCarron  

Production Manager: Matthew Davies  

Stage Manager: Jacqui George  

Deputy Stage Manager: Perla Ponce Núñez  


Christopher Elson  

Katell Keineg  

Siwan Morris  

Tom Mumford  

Seren Vickers  

Produced by Wales Millennium Centre as part of Festival of Voice 2018.