'Everyone on this lineup is interesting. WE ARE INTERESTING!'

by LUK

LUK are a new electronic duo from South Wales. They have emerged, bright-eyed, producing exciting unconventional, experimental electronic music. It’s partly DIY, partly abstract sprinkled with a tropical lyrics, bubbling synths, bass-heavy beats and woozy rhythms all fusing into a warm aural trance.

LUK are currently, one of the ten artists chosen by the Forté Project, on a 12 month long development scheme. Manon Lewis, 50% of LUK, shared some thoughts with Forté Project co-ordinator, Rich Samuel, just before their upcoming show supporting Georgia + Summer Ghost at Chapter Arts on Friday 3rd June.


1. How do you feel to be a part of the inaugural Festival of voice?

We are SO excited but also quite nervous to be a part of such a wonderful festival, sharing a stage with such a talented line up is incredibly daunting but also an honour. We can’t wait.

2. What do you think of the artist you’re supporting on Friday 3rd, Georgia?

Georgia is FAB. I’m excited for people to hear her soulful voice and realise she’s the next big thing.

3. Why should people come and see LUK on Friday 3rd at Chapter in Cardiff?

I personally think people should come and see us because WE ARE INTERESTING haha. We bring so much to that stage, our music is developing and we want to show people that Wales is producing some good forward thinking electronic music. We also like to engage with the audience and make our set a visual one, we want people to watch us and think ‘sweet, they were cool’.

4. Being a selected act on the Forte Project, how has it enabled you to develop?

Where do I start…. it’s brought us so many different opportunities, we have worked with some talented people in the past few months and I’m honoured to have met some amazing artists, producers, mentors along the way. They have guided us in the direction that I know I wouldn’t have gone down without FORTÉ. As an act, our confidence levels have grown massively while involved on this project and you can see that on stage. Don’t get me wrong, having a little taste of the industry is SCARY but also gives us the adrenaline to push on and to get our music out there.

5. What is it like working with your Forté Project mentor Mark Thomas, director of Welsh label Shape records?

Mark is great, he’s an honest and talented man. The patience he has with us is impeccable and we respect that so much, as I know he is very busy with his Shape records label and acts. He’s shown us that our plans/visions/ dreams are really our reality and to just never give up. He knows his stuff, he knows the industry, he knows how hard it can be but he also guides us the right way and shows that nothing is impossible.

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