'How I learnt to love Bulgarian folk music'

By Dominic Castree

Kids are a captive audience to their parents tastes. As luck would have it my parents had awesome taste. London, swinging sixties etc.

Their first date (my Mum and Dad) was to see Top of the Pops, the one with The Crazy world of Arthur Brown where his head is on fire for the whole performance. Health and Safety in the workplace was obviously a way off, but that is beside the point which is this: The soundtrack to my childhood was Otis Redding, The Beatles, the Stones, Beach boys, Talking Heads and Van Morrison. Good stuff.

The saying goes that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, and that proves depressingly accurate as I reflect that my taste in music is pretty much exactly the same as that of my 63 year old mothers. PUNK IT AINT! But I’m going to start my musical rebellion this year. I’ve left it late (I’m 37) but it’s time to break out and I’m going to start with some Bulgarian concert folk music (as you do) courtesy of Le Mystere Des Voix Bulgares. I saw the American indie band Deerhunter in a cathedral in Brighton last year and it was a booming mess of a gig but the setting was super atmospheric and it nearly worked so I’m really looking forward to hearing LMDVB (for kool kidz) in the amazing setting of Llandaff Cathedral which is a great building just to stand in.

Also Laura Mvula caught my attention with her last single which had way too much disco DNA (that’ll be Nile Rogers then) to interest my mum so I’ll definitely try and catch her in the Millennium Centre, a building I’ve only seen from the outside which is pretty scandalous and basically a damning indication of my cultural wasteland social life!

So that’s two acts my parents have never heard of. I’m forging a brave new direction. Maybe Bulgarian concert folk will change my life this month!

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