NTW & Quarantine present ENGLISH as part of #FoV2018

English is spoken by 1.75 billion people worldwide – that’s one in every four. Non-native speakers far outnumber first-language English speakers.

What happens to your sense of self when you move someplace where you don’t really know how to say who you are?

It’s said that by the end of this century, we’ll have lost more than half the world’s languages. In June, National Theatre Wales – which itself operates in a bilingual country - will collaborate with Quarantine to create a brand-new production exploring language, migration and identity, how we learn to speak, and how we learn to listen.

The image above features Allyson F White, deputy director of English Language Programmes from Cardiff University. It forms part of a group of portraits National Theatre Wales commissioned that link to the theme of their season, people and places. Photo credit Dan Green / National Theatre Wales

The production will be performed in June 2018 at Dance House, Cardiff.

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