Summer Sounds

As someone who has been trusting their Spotify account to give them new music I have been pleasantly surprised over the last couple of weeks of what Spotify has gifted me. If you like this sort of stuff I’d suggested checking out Spotify’s ‘Badass Women’ playlist, I don’t know how I feel about the title, but the songs are an eclectic mix of ace female artists. Or the ‘alternative pride’ playlist, more misses than hits for me, but a really great playlist for finding more LGBT+ artists to have a listen to. 

Someone tell the boysSamia

This isn’t what I’d call a subtle song, but I found myself needing something to help cure my anger at the backlash from a woman finally being cast as the next Doctor in Doctor Who. This was the perfect track for that. Samia’s vocals are gorgeous, and it’s sung with the type of controlled fierceness that I find hypnotic. Listen to this tune when you are honestly just fed up with sexism, because I love making nuanced arguments that use my university degree well, but other times I’m just angry; this song is angry.

Get UpThe Blow

A wild assembly of frequencies produced out of a thrust of electroacoustic punk energy, the album is a search for a new sound of rebellion in an environment where the aesthetic of punk has been commodified into submission along with most everything else.’  I’m quoting the band themselves here because in this track I can really feel their intentions. The Blow seem to be a band with a manifesto, and I think that’s pretty sick. Their lyrics of an ‘internet ghetto’ and anger of the current housing situation speaks to me, an ardent millennial, of most of my current fears surrounding how I get to live my life. Good stuff.

Pot HolesEzra Furman

Ok so this isn’t a new release, but I only discovered Ezra a few months ago, and since then have become thoroughly obsessed with what they’ve released to date. I have a lot of time for artists like Ezra, who create politically charged songs that still have a feel-good vibe. Their album Perpetual Motion People, which Pot Holes is on, is an amazing journey through the artists ideas and experiences of gender, and examines their place in society. Since my trip to Rio De Janeiro where I got to see the stark social divide between those living in the Favela’s and those living in the city, this track packs a lot more punch. Read my last blog post if you’d like to hear more about that trip.


And some more music the rest of the team have been listening to –

Sarah Dennehy

Anderson Paak – Am I Wrong 

Childish Gambino – Redbone

Bad Bad Not Good – In Your Eyes (featuring Charlotte Day Wilson)


Poppy Sturgess 

Moment – King Henry, Rhye 

Blacked Out – AJ Tracey

Work it out – Karizma


Rachel Kinchin 

Deep Throat Choir – Hunter and the album Be OK

Noga Erez, Here (Alessia Cara Cover) and the album, Off The Radar.

Nadine Shah, Holiday Destination 

And one for luck – Cornershop, Brimful of Asha (new remixes ys EP) –


Faye Gibson 

The National – Guilty Party 

Sin Fang – Tennis 

Grizzly Bear – Neighbours



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