Team FoV picks - Our favourite cultural highlights of 2017

2017 has been a whirlwind of a year with plenty of uplifting events, and moments that will go down in history. We lost musical legends such as Charles Bradley, Chuck Berry, Fats Domino and Chris Cornell. There were social media campaigns that went viral giving a voice to those brave enough to speak out via the #METOO movement. Global conversations pledged to address mental health stigma and empower girls all over the world before, during and after crisis. Communities joined together to help others in need and show unity and solidarity to one another.

We can safely say it’s been a year that will stick in our minds for many reasons, for a long time to come. In FoV HQ we’ve been thinking back to moments of 2017 that really stood out for us, from exhibitions that made us think differently, to festivals that were culturally mind blowing or discovering a new band or artist that made a huge impact on us. Here are just some of our favourite cultural highlights of the year. We’d love to know your thoughts... what cultural highlights most stood out for you? Come join in the conversation over at @FoVCardiff or via our Facebook page.  



Nederlands Danse Theatre performing 'Stop-Motion', 'Shoot the Moon, 'The Missing Door'

NYC - The People speak at BAM. 

Opening event of MIF, What is the City but the People

Fatima, performing live at Union Chapel - Beautiful setting backed by a huge stained-glass window, the most joyful and soulful sounds. British Jazz and neo-soul at its best.

Tuneyards, Le Guess Who.

Kate Tempest, Greenman Festival. 

Flight' by Vox Motus at Edinburgh International Festival

Jack Rooke: Happy Hour - Brilliantly crafted, tear jerking in both the funny and heart-breaking way, Happy Hour was an insightful look into the crisis that is male suicide.

Meilyr Jones at the Wales in Venice opening party - There was a beautiful moment when Meilyr stood in the centre of the courtyard, the audience huddled around, and band on the the outside of the circle that had formed. There were bright eyes all over.

Kate Tempest performing 'Let Them Eat Chaos', at Festival No.6.

Punchdrunk, 'Sleep No More' -  Immersive promenade performance in the 'McKinnon Hotel' in Shanghai - we were masked spectators exploring 5 floors of the building whilst action was taking places in different places concurrently.

Lowly at the Louisiana, Bristol - Their debut album Heba is an absolute stormer from start to finish, and their live set was flawless. Their imagination, energy and subtlety is amazing.

Party Skills for the end of the world at Manchester International Festival- This took place in a disused building, with different places to make cocktails and bows and arrows, play the saw, sing, play darts and watch a live band. 


Opening event of MIF, What is the City but the People



Lubainia Himid 'Navigation Charts' Exhibition, Spike Island Bristol.

Museo Nazionale del cinema, Turin - A museum with film set reconstructions and an area to watch films on deck chairs.

'Soul of a Nation' Exhibition at The Tate. 

Crossing 5: 'Emergency in Galpão Bela Maré' – An exhibition of 16 Brazilian artists tackling current crises in Rio de Janeiro from politics and intolerance of Transgender people, to violence and stereotypical portrayals of the Favelas.

James Richards, 'Music for the Gift',Venice Biennale -  A new body of work ranging from sound installation in collaboration with students from RWCMD,  and video to a small publication. The show comes to Chapter 17/02/18 – 26/05/18.

Janet Cardiff, 'Forty Part Motet' at Tate Modern  - A visually austere installation of forty speakers in a circle, each one projecting the voice of an individual choir member. The installation created a sphere of sound where you could move around and pick out individual voices, listen to a smaller group of singers, or listen to all forty at once.


Lubainia Himid 'Navigation Charts'

Festivals & Events

Afropunk Festival London -  A one day celebration of Black culture and DIY ethics in its full glory! An incredible and colourful day of music, food, fashion, culture and art. 

Le Guess Who Festival, Utrecht - A festival that takes place all over the city, with the hub of it being the incredible multi-venue TivoliVredenburg, which screamed festival – with lighting, DJs, bars and food stalls on each floor. 

Indie Week, Toronto - A showcase festival and conference to discover independent bands from all over the world covering a range of genres. Exhausting but thoroughly enjoyable.

SXSW, Austin - The whole experience, from breakfast tacos to some of the best little dive venues. It was  a joy to see so many musicians in such intimate spaces. 

SXSW Image taken by Aaron-Rogosin-Boldstag



Hay Festival – Everything including Bernie Sanders, Lemm Sissay and Peter Bazalgette were paricularly fantastic.


Hay Festival


'Everybody' Logic - An exploration of his identity as a “white-passing” person of colour whose position within society is constantly questioned, and a strong message of Peace, Love, and Positivity throughout.


Artists Logic album cover 'Everybody'


Detroit  - A disturbing and gut-wrenching portrayal of the 1967 Detroit police killing of innocent black teenagers amid a racially charged riot through the lens of one of its most notorious yet largely forgotten incidents.


Movie Detroit


Zadie Smith’s ‘Swing Time’ – Nominated for the The Man Booker Prize.

An Attempt At Exhausting A Place in GTA Online Michael Crowe -  It questions our relationship with the material world, and the ever-growing virtual world, but also explores what is acceptable on online platforms.

'You Should Have Asked' comic by Emma – It looks at the different roles undertaken by men and women in managing household tasks. More men are taking up household chores as we realise women aren’t actually here to just look after a home, but are still relying on their partners to tell them how they should be contributing. 

Zadie Smith book Swing Time


Festival Moments

Snail racing, End of then Road Festival

Snail racing at End of Road Festival

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