India Wales: Kadar Khan Langa

A collaboration between Jodhpur Riff Festival, Beyond the Border International Storytelling Festival and Festival of Voice. Celebrating the music and storytelling of Rajasthan and Wales.

Kadar Khan Langa is one of the most senior vocalists and musicians of Rajasthan. He hails from the Sarangia Langa community, genealogists and professional musicians who perform for their patrons and their families. 

Kadar-ji’s gentle yet powerful vocals, lilting melodies and his mastery of the Sindhi sarangi are legendary in Rajasthan. His almost gruff, baritone-ish, yet mellifluous voice resonates perfectly with the rich, sweet-sounding ‘voice’ of the sarangi. His musical repertoire is varied and vast and spans generations. 

He is accompanied by Ashkar Khan Langa and Asin Khan Langa on vocals and Sindhi sarangi with Sawai Khan Manganiyar on dholak.

Free, but ticketed

Approx. Finish time 12:00pm

Supported by Wales Arts International and The British Council. Kadar Khan Langa and accompanying artists appear courtesy of Jodhpur RIFF.