Spotifying our way to #FoV2018

Joining a new project is always quite exciting. However, FoV 2018 is more than simply exciting, this is SENSATIONAL.

I’m a journalism student at Cardiff University and while struggling through my exams, I thought I’d take my procrastination to another level and fill up my days with some work experience (lol). Jokes aside, I’ve decided to join the team because after having worked during the year as Editor of the Culture section on Quench (Cardiff University’s award-winning magazine), I wanted to explore more of the world around me and the possibilities I might have in my future.

So, here we go. First task was discovering the festival itself, which translated to creating a Spotify Playlist. An opportunity for me to really dig into the broad artistic array being programmed this year.

I’ve imagined the playlist as a journey and an opportunity for people to explore the vast selection of artists and want to get their heads around the different voices, sounds and particularities of these performers to get the best out of the 11 days of the festival.

We kick off with a group which I think incorporates perfectly the Internationality of the Festival; the Corsican vocal ensemble, A Filetta. This Mediterranean group makes the most of their vocal ability and cleverly uses harmonies to create great sounds.

As a way of really exploring the music that will be on between the 7 and 17 June, it is necessary that we discover the background of these artists to really appreciate their work. Therefore, our FoV 2018 playlist also covers some of the older works of well-established artists such as Patti Smith (which I discovered for the first time on my first day at FoV!), Elvis Costello, Passenger and, why not, Gruff Rhys performing with BBC National Orchestra of Wales

At Festival of Voice, we aim to make our events an opportunity for international artists to get their work heard in the UK, but also for the Welsh language and culture to prosper and establish itself in the cultural melting-pot which is the Arts world. Therefore, our exploring-FoV tool presents numerous of Welsh artists singing both in Welsh and English, such as Gwenno Saunders and Gwilym Morus.

I’ve added songs from all artists performing with the Atlantic Arc Orchestra. These include: Lisa Jen from 9 Bach, Dònal Lunny, Pauline Scanlon, Pàdraig Rynne, Sylvain Barou, Jarlath Henderson, Aidan O’Rourke, Ewen Vernal, John Blease.

Finally, a hip-hop treat, which is what we need to spice-up our lives a bit. From “Think Twice” by The Four Owls to Asha Jane’s “Third Eye (Kingdom)” this will hopefully give you a wider understanding of what to expect from Festival of Voice 2018.

Andrea Gaini

Listen to the Spotify playlist here:

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