Every Song I’ve Ever Written – Solo

Every Song I’ve Ever Written is a project about memory, history, things that may or may not exist, songwriting, the internet and pop culture.  

From 1985 to 2004, PME-ART (Canada) co-artistic director Jacob Wren wrote songs. Lots and lots of songs. At the time hardly anyone heard them, and therefore, in some sense, these songs don’t yet exist. Taken as a whole, Every Song I’ve Ever Written hopes to raise questions about what songs mean on the internet, and about what songwriting is actually like today. 

Arranged in chronological order, these songs form an unintentional portrait of Jacob’s youth, at the same time chronicling one view of recent history.

There will also be a performance where Jacob will be joined on stage by five Cardiff bands on 9 June 2018

If you’d like to participate in the online element of this project, you can record your own version of one of these songs, change it, make it your own, then follow the instructions on the website.   


Approx. Finish time 9:00pm