The Gentle Good and the Mavron Quartet + Ivan Moult

Presented by Festival of Voice and Bubblewrap Collective

Approx. Finish time 10:00pm

The Gentle Good is the stage name of Cardiff based songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Gareth Bonello (winner of the Welsh Music Prize 2017). Taking influence from the traditional music and folklore of Wales along with a myriad of sources from all over the world, Gareth creates timeless folk music in both English and Welsh. 

Best known for his intricate guitar playing and distinctive vocals, Gareth enchants audiences both as a soloist and with more complex live set-ups. Gareth has collaborated with the Mavron Quartet for many years, and they'll take to the stage together for this stunning performance. 

Blessed with a voice that could soothe a set of angry ring wraiths into tranquility, Ivan Moult inhabits a curious, gentle space set between the 1970s folk/blues tradition and modern, confessional lyricism. 

Both artists will be joined on stage with the Mavron string Quartet for a special and unique performance for Festival of Voice. 


Ivan Moult


Bubblewrap Collective 

Bubblewrap Collective is an independent record label in Wales. With music branching a range of genres, and with almost a decade of releases under their belt, the label's achievements and its pool of talent is something to behold. 



"The arrangement is dreamy and warm with the Mavron Quartet’s strings the flickering candlelight around which Gareth’s melody dips and floats". Fruk

"With a quiet beauty akin to Ben Howard, Ivan Moult has a knack with his raw vocal and acoustic guitar. Proof that Moult hasn’t lost any of the immediacy that makes him stand out." The Music Site