Laura Veirs

+ Amaroun

Approx. Finish time 10:30pm

Perched in her attic studio, Laura Veirs waged a solitary songwriter's war of attrition as she wrestled with themes of accountability, gratitude, fear and cultural decline to bring her deeply felt new album to life, in this intimate show at St John’s Church.

A prolific songwriter for nearly 20 years, Veirs proves the depth of her musical skill on her 10th solo album, The Lookout. A batch of inimitable, churning, exquisite folk-pop songs.  The Lookout is a soundtrack for turbulent times, full of allusions to protectors: the camper stoking a watch fire, a mother tending her children, a sailor in a crow’s nest, a lightning rod channelling energy.

 “The Lookout is about the need to pay attention to the fleeting beauty of life and to not be complacent; it’s about the importance of looking out for each other, I’m addressing what’s happening around me with the chaos of post-election America, the racial divides in our country, and a personal reckoning with the realities of midlife” Laura Veirs.

Support on the night comes from Amaroun the latest project from multi-talented producer and songwriter Jay Brown, existing at the sonic crossroads where Erykah Badu, PJ Harvey and Feist meet. Songs about coming out, moving up and not being kept down, Amaroun creates a truly unique form of kaleidoscopic pop music for the 21st century. 



Laura Veirs, image by Jason Quigley