Words and Music with Patti Smith

A rare and unique performance for just 200 people …

Approx. Finish time 10:30pm

Patti joins Festival of Voice 2018 to share her words and poetry exploring life as a mother, lover, a widow, and a dreamer in the beautiful and intimate setting of St John’s Church, Cardiff.

After working on a factory assembly line, Patti began writing and performing spoken word, formed the Patti Smith Band and went on to become one of the most influential punk artists in history. She has won a plethora of awards, honours and accolades over her four decades as an artist.

Author of the acclaimed memoir, Just Kids, Patti was awarded the 2010 National Book Award. Other books include Witt, Babel, Coral Sea, Woolgathering, Auguries of Innocence, Collected Lyrics, and M Train.

Patti Smith continues to write, perform readings, work on artistic projects, and lends support for human rights issues.



Tickets are now sold out for this event. You can still buy tickets to An Evening with Patti Smith in the Donald Gordon Theatre on the 12th June here


Patti Smith, image by Edward Mapplethorpe