Keaton Henson

New Theatre
An artist like no other, London singer, poet and illustrator Keaton Henson made a rare and much-anticipated live performance at the beautiful Victorian New Theatre as part of Festival of Voice.


Making no secret of his fear of the spotlight, this elusive songwriter’s heart-wrenching songs marry his emotional honesty and extraordinary talent with a melancholy voice often compared to Jeff Buckley.

In this unmissable evening, Henson will perform music from his three recordings: the simple, tender songs of Dear… originally written without the desire to be heard; the critically acclaimed follow-up, Birthdays, addressing the challenges of newfound and newly-lost love; and the entirely instrumental Romantic Workswhich Henson recorded in his small London bedroom to tell a collection of stories that he could not translate into words. | @KeatonLyrics


‘Spellbinding… Delicate and mournful, yet without self-pity’ The Guardian