Festival Hub workshops

Free entry 

The Festival of Voice Hub is a space uniquely designed to provide all of your downtime needs. Incredible local street food, pop-up live music, DJs and opportunities to learn more about what we are all here for – voice and music.




No Pressure singing weekends are a residential course that happens five times a year set in glorious welsh countryside. Sharing food, song, laughter and the odd glass of wine with time for walking, chilling and generally bonding together we sing repertoire that is pleasing to learn and sing. We've sung in small churches, a lavender farm, a small oak copse (the trees loved it!), busked in Hay on Wye and Talgarth and are thrilled to be able to sing for you this weekend which will be the culmination of this weekend's course. www.springfieldarts.co.uk


Decibelles is an a cappella ladies singing ensemble based in the Hay-on-Wye area.  We sing a wide range of repertoire from Bach to Britten, folk, world, jazz, pop and a number of Andrews Sisters songs. Learning all our music from memory helps us to get to the centre of what the song is about and enjoy singing together. Described as 'refreshingly different' and 'a phenomenon' we are thrilled to be performing. www.decibelles-hay.co.uk


Come and sing songs from around the world, have a sound bath, write your own sea shanty, harmonise with others, use your body as a percussion instrument, make weird and wonderful noises with your voice, learn how to power your singing with your breath, jam with others and discover things you never knew about your own unique sound. A fun, interactive, vocal workshop for everyone who loves to sing. No experience needed! If you sing in the shower - this workshop is for you. 


Learn how the Large Cymatics Visualiser works and provide the opportunity for participants to play with the audio video sculpture. Touch the water that the sound travels through, play with non newtonian fluid and create your own sounds as they are played through the sculpture. Hands on, fun and messy.

Conceived and developed by Reeps One, the prize winning UK beatboxer, vocal, visual and concept artist specializing in audio-visual spectacle and performance, in collaboration with Zach Walker. A desire to visualise vocal music inspired Reeps One to experiment with audio-visual work and physical phenomena as early as 2012. Cymatics — the use of vibration as a medium to move, organise and control matter — has since constituted a prominent focus in his work.

The outcome is a visual and sonic spectacle of otherworldly, live analogue art that observes the unique relationship between the organic properties of the voice, and the symbiosis between vibration and sound.

Open to all ages, under 13s must be accompanied by an adult. 

Make sure to catch Reeps One performance in The Hub on 15th June 7pm - 8pm.