Reykjavíkurdætur known as the ‘Daughters of Reykjavik’ are a 10-woman-strong rap collective from Iceland. These Femcees have been creating waves across the male-dominated Icelandic hip-hop scene with their striking lyrics and electric performances. Resembling a ‘clan’ Reykjavíkurdætur perform as solo artists, duos, trios as well as all together making their shows fresh and energetic to watch. Immense in both size and force they spit lyrics in both Icelandic and English around topics relating to feminism, sexual violence, politics and sexual freedom.


"That ability to make other women, on stage and off, more comfortable with themselves forms the collective’s core. Partly it’s the sheer spectacle of the performance that does it – a crowd of young women expressing themselves unapologetically; being loud, brash, smart and beautiful simultaneously." Huck Magazine