Sianed Jones: an update from the basement

Another day of rehearsing in the basement, the sun brilliant and clear blue sky through the small angled window.

I have realised  I must have had a top D for one of the pieces back in 2001, (that is 2 octaves and one note above middle C .) I don’t remember it being particularly difficult for me to reach that high!  I remember way back at the beginning of the 90’s being  asked if I had a top C for the piece Pax by Brith Gof with music by John Hardy. I remember saying to John, ‘well, it’s a bit squeaky, but I will work on it’. I had a month to work on my voice in preparation for the first rehearsals. It wasn’t so much getting up there but really singing a sustained long note – that was the most difficult thing to do. Ha ha, a bit of reverb can do wonders ! !

Each day my voice gets stronger and less tired by the end of a set. Because I use such strange vocal techniques, I think in the past I overworked myself and made the voice tired. Now in my more experienced later years ! ! ! I have learnt how to let it flow rather than force it out there. Learning to take my time of over certain improvisations and allow the music to happen.

I’m really looking forward to emerging out of my basement and greeting the world at Chapter Arts Centre on 4 June.

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