Angélique Kidjo's Remain In Light

Approx. Finish time 8:30pm

Angélique Kidjo's latest project; her reinterpretation of the classic Talking Heads album Remain In Light - showcases incredible new arrangements of the iconic songs. She takes the classics such as Crosseyed and PainlessOnce in a Lifetime, and Born Under Punches (The Heat Goes On) and reinterprets them with electrifying rhythms, African guitars, and layered backing vocals.   

As a performer, her striking voice, stage presence and fluency in multiple cultures and languages have won respect from her peers and expanded her following across national borders. Kidjo has cross-pollinated the West African traditions of her childhood in Benin with elements of American R&B, funk and jazz, as well as influences from Europe and Latin America. Get ready for an unforgettable performance of familiar melodies reworked into a spectacular genre-bending presentation.


"What can I say? It's incredibly flattering. We have shared a stage together in the past, but I had NOTHING to do with her decision to do this. It comes as a complete surprise. Phish has memorably covered this record in the past, but Angélique’s cover has a special meaning as the record (and some others from that period) was very much inspired by African pop music. As musicians we aimed to learn from the ecstatic embedded in the structure and attitude of African pop rather than trying to copy their specific sounds. Much of the music we were listening to at the time came from Yoruba culture—which ranges across Ghana, Benin and Nigeria. That culture has had a huge influence on all American culture, north and south, for 200 years or so. Our dance, food, humor, dress, poetry and of course our music—our massive cultural contribution to the world—is very much African influenced. Anyway, this is what musicians and artists do, stuff gets tossed back and forth. This should be exciting! Angélique is an incredible performer… what a surprise." David Byrne