Cymatic Visualiser Workshop

3pm - 4pm

Learn how the Large Cymatics Visualiser works and provide the opportunity for participants to play with the audio video sculpture. Touch the water that the sound travels through, play with non newtonian fluid and create your own sounds as they are played through the sculpture. Hands on, fun and messy.

Conceived and developed by Reeps One, the prize winning UK beatboxer, vocal, visual and concept artist specializing in audio-visual spectacle and performance, in collaboration with Zach Walker. A desire to visualise vocal music inspired Reeps One to experiment with audio-visual work and physical phenomena as early as 2012. Cymatics — the use of vibration as a medium to move, organise and control matter — has since constituted a prominent focus in his work.

The outcome is a visual and sonic spectacle of otherworldly, live analogue art that observes the unique relationship between the organic properties of the voice, and the symbiosis between vibration and sound.

Open to all ages, under 13s must be accompanied by an adult. 

Make sure to catch Reeps One performance in The Hub on 15th June 7pm - 8pm.