Technology has enabled amazing advances in how we live, work and communicate. It can know our trends, identify our preferences and learn our patterns of behaviour. It can even speak for us. How we can enhance our lives is now a subject of limitless possibilities. 

Now, thanks to technology giant Hybrid Industries, the ultimate communication interface has arrived: the Alpha Omega (AO). A product that will fulfill the company’s mantra, ‘Hybrid in every home by 2025’. Join us for Hybrid Industries’ launch this June and discover how they plan to bring a new united voice to the world… 


A dark twist in a ‘what if’ scenario based on the increasing use of technology in our everyday lives, looking at our right to a voice Extinct explores the way we experience culture and our technological divide. Will you remain faithful to Hybrid or join the resistance? 

Extinct is a roaming experience that plays out on the streets of Cardiff and is a mixture of game and theatrical happenings. 

The starting point for the experience is a shop unit (two doors down from Cafe Nero) in the Capitol Centre.

Produced by Yello Brick in collaboration with Wales Millennium Centre for Festival of Voice 2018. Story concept by Kelly Jones, Alison John, Julian Sykes. Written by Kelly Jones.