Festival Hub

Free entry

Open Monday to Thursday, 12pm – 9pm 

Open Friday and Saturday, 12pm – 10pm 


The Festival of Voice Hub is a space uniquely designed to provide all of your downtime needs. Incredible local street food, pop-up live music, DJs and opportunities to learn more about what we are all here for – voice and music.

Come and explore some bizarre musical machines that will teach you about the incredible function of sound – they may even help you further appreciate and understand the next event you are off to enjoy. Whether heading in for your next show, or desperately wanting to stay out and enjoy the buzz for a little longer, we will be here with food, fun and music. Come down, meet your fellow festivalgoers and enjoy immersing yourself in the wonder of music.




12pm - 10pm 

5pm DJ Super Sonic Disco

5:30pm Hub Performers 

7pm Lori Campbell 

8pm DJ Super Sonic Disco

9pm Musical Quiz 



Yellow Back Books

Hard Lines



12pm - 10pm 

12pm DJ Super Sonic Disco

1pm Hub Performers 

3pm Antioch Rig 

5pm Dare To Sing Choir

6pm Hub Performers 

7:30pm Musical Quiz 

9pm DJ Super Sonic Disco



Yellow Back Books

Hard Lines


SUNDAY 10th 

12pm - 9pm 

12pm Hub Performers

1pm No Pressure Workshop

3pm Hub Performers

5pm Decibelles Workshop

6pm Hub Performers

7pm Nulua Honan

8pm DJ Super Sonic Disco


Yellow Back Books

Hard Lines



12pm - 9pm

Oasis Language Cafe

Simon Bray Photography Exhibition 

Street Food

Platonic Cloud Installation

Hub Performers

DJ Super Sonic Disco

Musical Quiz

Interactive Sound Machines



12pm - 9pm

6pm Hub Performers 

7pm Nulua Honan 

8pm DJ Super Sonic Disco


12pm - 10pm

3pm Rising Voices Choir 

5pm Adventure Bureau

7pm Reeps One

8pm DJ Super Sonic Disco 




12pm - 10pm

12pm Dj Super Sonic Disco

1pm Hub Performers 

3pm Singing Workshop

5pm Singing Workshop

6pm Musical Quiz

7pm Hub Performers 

8pm DJ Super Sonic Disco

9pm Lori Campbell


SUNDAY 17th 

12pm - 9pm

12pm DJ Super Sonic Disco

1pm Hub Performers 

3pm Visualiser Workshop

5pm Psycho Bettty

6pm Hub Performers 

7pm Mike Dennis 

8pm DJ Super Sonic Disco



The Adventure Bureau is a team of expert improvisers, here to create a brand new hilarious adventure inspired by your suggestions. Katie and Simon invite the audience to share their ideas by drawing them, writing them or yelling them, then act out a totally improvised story complete with a soundtrack and songs created live in front of your very ears and eyes! Bring an adventurous spirit and a sense of silliness, and hold on tight for the rollercoaster of twists and turns that follows.


Dare To Sing has no social barriers or age limitations; all are welcome and as a collective we come together to sing upbeat songs for pure enjoyment. Having grown into an ensemble of more than 80 ladies, we have step by step expanded our repertoire, dusted off our diamante earrings, and ventured into performing at local events, fundraisers, gatherings and galas. We cherish our opportunities to sing, whether it be through our weekly rehearsal or in front of the public. Dare To Sing provides a relaxed yet focused environment to create and experience feelings through music that can transcend other areas in the different lives we all lead.


Three playful, outrageous and curious characters have taken on the role of being your moral support during Festival of Voice. If your energy is waning, they will lift you up, if you are too up, they will bring you down, if you want to play, they know how, whatever it is, the trio is here for you at the Hub, all day. 


It's unlikely to see Bristol based Lori Campbell play any of her songs exactly the same way twice. She is a dynamic and impulsive live performer. Weaving her versatile voice, her ramblings and her bluesy - folk guitar pickings she creates an intimate space drawing you in and inviting you to share in the experience.

In 2015 Lori released her Debut EP Seeds, A true lady of the road, Lori has gigged extensively on the UK festival circuit including Glastonbury, Secret Garden Party, Larmertree, Wilderness, Shambala and Green Man. Simply put - If you haven’t seen this freckled folk singer weave her magic on her pint sized guitar before, then you must.


Mike Dennis is a classically-trained violinist whose boyhood love of Run DMC, Beastie Boys, and Gangstarr led him to create a unique kind of string-heavy hip hop music he half-seriously refers to as “Violinica”.  Performing using Jess (violin), a loop pedal and a cajon, Mike builds up layers of dense harmony and embellishes with thoughtful, energetic rhymes drawing inspiration from daily British life and the perils and profits of love with a geeky fanaticism for rhythm-bending and syncopation.


Join our in-house performers in showcasing your musical knowledge, inspirations and maybe even your vocal abilities…


Nuala Honan is an Australian-born dynamo artist, with all the taught energy of a caged musical lioness. She brings a fresh and captivating intimacy with the warming breath of a bubbling country heart. Nuala has that uncanny ability to write new songs that sound like they have been written before, somehow conjuring the sense that the lyrics have been worn smooth by the passage of time, balancing vulnerability with emotional power and a defiant optimism in the face of life’s challenges.

She harvests 15 years of experience with a fresh perspective and a fresh sound, that lies somewhere between her desert country upbringing, and her fierce female pop contemporaries (for fans of Margaret Glaspy, Angel Olsen and Aldous Harding).


Saeko designed prints for kimono silks in a war-torn 1950s Tokyo suburb. Meanwhile, Betty was finding a way out of her dead-end Welsh mining town by following the trail of a mystic healer. Two generations later, memories of two women whose lives were poles apart are thrown together in a musical counterclash of folk-meets-soundscape-meets-mantra.

Psycho Betty is a four-piece that was born when two UK folk singer-songwriters were booked to play at a Noise night in Tokyo. Melodic vocals are woven through layers of atmospheric and sometimes discordant, arhythmic sound textures created on electric guitar, mandolin, accordion and drums, which range from light and airy to heavy and head-banging.

All lyrics written by band members' grannies. This is quintessential folk-noise-grannytronica.


Rising Voices is a weekly singing group for people in recovery from drug or alcohol addiction, their families and carers and those who work or volunteer in treatment services. We are led by experienced local choir leader and singer, Isolde Freeth-Hale. Since forming in November 2014, we have created a unique and transformative space for people to come together to sing, make positive connections with others, feel better, make friends and to be uplifted by the power of song. Join us in song, hear some of our members stories and learn what a difference song can make to a life.


Max from Super Sonic Disco is dedicated to the pursuit of hands-in-the-air happiness, and is the finest purveyor of all things party. Playing an irresistible smorgasbord of soul, disco and funk, brought bang up to date with party classics, they are dedicated to the creation of late-night pleasure domes wherever their music takes them.


Owen Rimington is a designer, maker, inventor working in Mid-Wales. He's interested in everything and creates brilliant artworks ranging from hand made large-scale signage, to animations, to bizarre installations.

The Telephone Tables are a play on old communication devices like the Tin Can Telephone and the Speaking Tube. We invite t you to sit at the picnic benches and discuss your lunch through colourful tunnels, you never know who your sound will reach!

Discover the strange and hypnotic power of repetitive sound at The Loop Table. Invent your own over laid sounds to build a piece of music solo, or with contributions from your friends. You will be back again and again!



Hard Lines is an independent Coffee and Record Store based in Cardiff. They bring an eclectic mix of handpicked vinyl to the festival. You’ll find plenty of music from the festival in the racks as well as some hidden gems!  Go have a dig! 


Local Screen printing studio Printhaus joins us at Festival of Voice with their fantastic Pop-up screen printing press, creating and selling their wonderful designs on T-shirts and tote bags  


Connecting with a network of artists, publishers, readers, collectors and sellers, Yellow Back Books aims to create in-depth contemporary discussions around artist books and YBB will be at Festival of Voice with a collection of artist books for sale from local, national and international artists.